A few years back, the manager of New Order proposed a project to compile the catalog of music the band had produced. He called the project “Recycle.” The idea was simple: take the all singles, compile all known versions of the tracks, add extra unreleased material, then re-release them as set. Fans were very excited, and a great deal of enthusiasm surrounded the whole notion of getting a fresh take on New Order’s incredible arsenal of singles, and hearing some new stuff in the process.

All New Order fans dreamed of what was going to be included on this set. They all looked forward to what appeared to be as grand a project as they could have imagined.

Tragically, Rob Gretton, New Order’s manager died as the project was in the early stages. Then, as the financial realities of getting the old singles into shape became clear, the band and the record label decided to abandon that format, and instead released a retrospective set of four discs called “Retro.”

As nice as Retro was, it was a severe disappointment for those who were hoping for Recycle. So much so, that fans have put together “fantasy” track listings for this fabled set.

Well... That’s what this is.  In respect to a good man and a great idea, this is a suggestion as to how that set could be put together, if it ever does get put together.

Please pardon the extreme anal retentive nature of this exercise.

rob’s idea